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Sarah Palin’s son uses the family dog as a step stool

sarah palin trig dog

Well, here’s a disheartening tale of (alleged) animal cruelty for your Saturday. Sarah Palin‘s 6-year-old son Trig uses the family dog, a gorgeous black lab, as a step stool to reach the counter. Apparently Sarah thought this was endearing and worth sharing with her Facebook masses, but suffice it to say a lot of people were not impressed with the fact that the poor dog is being trampled on.

Now look, Trig has a disability, sure – he was born with Down Syndrome – but as an apparently intelligent adult, it is Palin’s job to teach her son how to properly interact with animals, other people, etc. And one thing you would obviously tell a child and enforce is that pets are to be loved, walked, played with, stroked… NOT stood on.  It doesn’t matter how little Trig is, or that he doesn’t weigh that much, etc. You don’t STAND ON A DOG.

I suppose we shouldn’t expect more from a woman dumb enough to think she can see Russia from her back yard, but people that stupid shouldn’t be allowed to own animals, either.

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  • She’s never been mistaken for parent of the year and only Tea Partiers and Fox News have made the mistake of thinking she is intelligent with insightful opinions.

    • I see you pulled this from Sarah Palin’s response in which she was upset about people having “wee-wee’d” over the photo of her son Trig stepping on the dog. In actual fact, Ellen DeGeneres does not have children, so this is not her child and she did not set this photo up. It is a photo of her goddaughter, but that’s about as far as that goes (and yeah, that’s not great either way).

    • Eithere way i think its wrong i would not allow my 17 pound daughter to stand on my dog and they are huge … annnndddd the fact that she is trying to point out other wrongs doesnt make hers any better…and not to choose sides…the little girl is MUCH smaller than palin’s son.. awe well… to each his own i guess… but damn palin come on REALLY

  • I am not at all a fan of Palin, but the kid has Down syndrome so its not as easy as teaching him its not ok. I don’t really get why she seems proud of him standing on a dog to use the sink , but with kids born with these kinds of disabilities you get used to celebrating the small victories because they seem much bigger.

  • I am absolutely not condoning animal abuse, or standing on a dog, but how many people who have ever owned a dog really believe ANY dog would just lay there if it was being hurt by a kid standing on it? Not long enough for someone to take two pictures of it, that’s for sure.

  • Her comment is a slur against Mexicans who have eaten dog for a long time. I only know that because I spent half of my childhood in Mexico where it was served in restaurants. If you try to search that on the internet, it’s been ‘sanitized’. LOL.

  • “Rodzilla”, Amen! That dog is fine. I’m shocked I have any reason to stand up for Sara Palin, but here it is anyway. Seriously PETA, get a life.

  • OMG you selfish, idiotic judgmental fools! There are service working dogs ALL OVER THE WORLD who allow people who have had a seizure to “brace themselves” up on’s what the dogs do because the dog can handle it you idiots. This is a child with Down Syndrome. It’s a service dog helping the developmentally disabled child. GET OVER YOURSELVES. You have no clue how strong a dog is or how they have been used for years to things like HERD cows, retrieve ducks from freezing water, help our military during WAR. It is truly shocking how myopic and ruthless and moronic the public is when it comes to how tough a dog is. It’s not like he was stepping on a Chihuahua. Get over it. Move on. Go help someone. Feed the homeless. Volunteer your time with a child with Down Syndrome. Quit attacking people you know nothing about. You people make us sick. Go abuse yourselves.