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What the hell is wrong with Kylie Jenner?

kylie jenner

Oh, little Kylie Jenner. At just 17, she’s ready to make her own name in the Kardashian/Jenner family and she’s sick and tired of being underage and not really being able to do it. That won’t stop her from posting awful selfies on Instagram at every given opportunity, like the one above.

This shot is from New Year’s Day and was captioned simply: “1/1/15”.  No wonder Kylie’s fed up – she’s got to take care of a dog and she can’t even go clubbing with her adult man, Tyga. Oh yeah, and she’s even in big sister Kendall‘s shadow now, too. Kendall posted her own New Year’s selfie, and here it is:

kendall jenner


I certainly wish the women in this family knew how to do anything other than contort their bodies to take flattering half-naked (or sometimes entirely naked) pictures for social media. Like, is there anything wrong with loving your body and flaunting it if that’s what you want to do? Of course not. The problem is, every female in the Kardashian/Jenner clan seems to think that’s all they’re worth and it’s a bit pathetic.

What the hell is that pose Kylie is doing? Like, honestly? God help us all.

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  • A) You copied “welp” from me. Not that we both haven’t seen it earlier.
    B) Kendall’s got a smokin’ body. I’d hit that.
    C) I was in a hurry to grow up at 17. I remember it well.
    D) I was a whore, albeit a male one, once I got the whole mojo thing up and running. It was great.

  • Welp! They sure do have the best plastic surgeon in the biz. And that is all I’ll give them. P.S. Cool it on the lip plumpin’, whores. Much too much.

  • Not any different than any other teenage girl. I see teens taking selfies all the time, in the mall, etc. But the entire habit should just go away, now. This narcissism is not flattering.