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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria are expecting another baby!

hilaria baldwin

Hot damn, Pepaw’s still got it (and I say that as someone who likes him). That’s right: Alec Baldwin knocked up his wife Hilaria again and the pair are expecting their second child together later this year!

Hilaria announced the news on Instagram with the above photo and the following caption:

“The sun has set on 2014 and on my year of daily #hilariaypd ….2015 is going to be very exciting as we are thrilled to announce we are expecting another little addition to our family! (tadasana) #yogapostureoftheday”

I mean, damn. I know Alec is rich as shit so the kids will always be provided for, but there’s no damn way I would want to be having babies at 56. I don’t want babies even now, at 30, but think about it – he’ll be in his 70s when they’re graduating high school! That does not sound like a blissful sail into retirement, if you ask me.

They had their first child together (Alec has other kids, as I think we’re all aware) back in August 2013, so that’s TWO young kids under the age of 3 to look after once this one is born. Thank God they can pay for nannies, because you know they’ll want one.

Anyhow, congrats!

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