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Kris Jenner strips with Kendall around the Christmas tree

kendall jenner

I don’t even really know where to begin (or end) with this one. You know that Love Magazine shoot/video with Kendall Jenner being all sultry and dancing around a Christmas tree in lingerie? Well, it just got a whole lot better (worse?) because Kris Jenner was there for her daughter’s big day and decided to get in on the naughty fun.

They smashed Christmas ornaments!

They wore reindeer antlers!


They “danced”!


Oh, man. I really need Kris to stop, like, yesterday. The whole “I’m a cool mom” routine has just gotten to be beyond creepy. Stay out of your daughter’s lingerie shoots and get your own life instead of pimping your daughters out so you can live vicariously. I mean, come on!


Anyhow, if you really want to torture yourself with the full video, here you go!

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  • They wouldn’t do shit like this if they knew sites like this one wouldn’t publicize it. The vast majority of the entire world has no f*cks to give to this family of whores.

    • THIS to infinity. complaining about their bullshit all the time yet perpetuating their presence in our culture more and more. if it was some kind of scathingly Witty commentary maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Instead it’s always just
      “oh my god guys the kardashians r so dumb.”
      “look ew its the kardashian spawn, gross i hate them”
      “kardashians did something stupid and attention-whorey again everyone! i wish everyone would shut up about them ugh!”
      some fucking class-A writing there, jennybooboo

  • if you dont like it take your anonymous ass some where else and read shit your interested in… why waste your time on things that you give zero f*cks about… oh wait that right … you just want attention … kinda like the kardashians … woah check out the irony there…

  • I think I JUST SAW this on an episode of CS I! ! Except Sharon Osborne played the madam on that one. Slow claps for stripping in omish gear, Mama K

  • First off, I don’t know what difference it makes whether a comment is anonymous or not. I mean its not like most commenters use their real name, anyway. And, even if they do, what does a first name tell you? OK, having said that, I just wonder what the reaction would be if these people were not rich and famous. Do we think the magazine was forced to let Kris appear, in order to get Kendall?