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Kourtney Kardashian’s new son has a royal name

kourtney kardashian reign aston

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to her third child with Scott Disick, a little boy, last week, and the world waited with bated breath for the answer to one very simple question: WHAT’S HIS NAME?! We now have an answer to that question, although I must warn you, it is a tad disappointing.

Kourtney revealed her son’s royal name on Instagram, as you do, along with above photo:

“Madly in love with my little Reign Aston Disick.”

Seriously? Reign? I mean, Mason and Penelope are slightly less common, but they were at least not ridiculous. Reign is a female stripper’s stage name – and there’s no shade to that, because it’s an AMAZING stripper name. Obviously the middle name, Aston, is Scott’s doing and probably after the Aston Marton sports car, if I had to guess. I don’t know, guys, this one just seems a wee bit tacky to me.


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  • I thought it was amazing that she chose “normal” names for her children. Her older children have lovely “normal” names and are not part of the dumb “K” tradition (what did Mr. Jenner think about that?) This is not a name at all. Aston would have been a better choice in my mind for a first name, but I had hoped Ms. Kardashian would stay the “sane” naming course and not exit into Hollywood weird as she did. (Ya know, they could have named him Kris or Kringle which would have had the K and been a tribute to the wonderfully kind Grandma they have).

  • Bubble heads,.. it’s all about the show and the battle over who is the star of the the next false drama..