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Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Side Eye too, I see

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As we all know, Prince William and Kate Middleton were over in New York City this past week for the first time, and what an adventure it was! They went to a basketball game, they met American royalty, Queen Beyoncé and King Jay-Z and a good time was had by all.

BUT THEN… Kate went to do some Christmas present wrapping for the children’s charity Northside Center for Child Development in Harlem, where she got to come face-to-face with some real New Yorkers who told her royal ass not to slow down but to “Keep wrapping!”

Clearly Kate didn’t take all that kindly to this, and she unleashed the side-eye of the year:

Hahaha! Frankly, I’m on Kate’s side with this one. She has to be SO NICE all the friggin’ time, 24/7/365, constantly smiling and shaking hands and playing the role of the perfectly mannered princess. She deserved the right to give side-eye there. She’s a Duchess AND she’s pregnant – plus, who is that lady talking to? I’m not even in the royal family and I’d have given the woman more than side eye if she was yelling at me like that. Point for Middleton here.

Also, because I like to give you guys more bang for your buck, here’s another tidbit: Kate clearly reads Evil Beet and saw my comment the other day about wanting to kick back in your pyjamas and watch TV and eat pizza, because she totally had a pizza party in her hotel room!

From US Weekly:

The insider tells Us the royal, who was taking a break before the St. Andrews 600th Anniversary dinner at the Met Museum, ordered “three very specific pizzas” from NYC eatery Serafina, which included “a spicy sausage pizza (with no mushroom) and a prosciutto “di Fabio” pizza (with no sliced tomatoes).”

The five-months pregnant duchess shared the delicacies with a Kensington Palace assistant, her private secretary Rebecca Deacon and hairstylist Amanda Cook-Tucker while she prepared for her evening engagement.

Huh. I mean, neither of those sound all that delicious to me – maybe the sausage one? And high five on no mushrooms. Mushrooms do not belong on pizza. The end.

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