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Beyonce and Jay-Z met Kate Middleton and Prince William

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It’s kind of a Big Deal that the future King and Queen of England (shut up, she’s MY queen!) are in New York City right now. While here, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been taking in the sites in between doing official business-y things (Will got to talk to Obama about illegal wildlife trading and Kate has visited a few children’s centers), and one of those things was hitting up a basketball game at the Barclay’s Center. Seeing a real live basketball game may have been exciting on its own, but Wills & Kate got a double dose of fun when they met none other than Jay-Z and Beyoncé! Or is it the other way around?

There’s even video (a Vine, really, but we’ll take it):

It all seems very exciting. I wonder if Bey was shitting herself? She might be the biggest star in the world, but Wills & Kate are actual royalty! Forget whether or not the monarchy is dumb or an outdated concept (I personally think it’s a wonderful tradition and their “job” is to uphold that tradition and also to do great public service work – they don’t make laws or whatever, so chill, world) – it’s a big deal.

Also also, would you EVER want to have Kate Middleton’s life? I sure as shit wouldn’t. She’s pregnant, which probably makes all this hub bub of travel and public appearances even worse, but even if she wasn’t pregnant, wouldn’t you get sick of all of the to-do? Wouldn’t you just wanna be like, “Wills, can we not just lay on the couch and watch Home Alone and order a pizza?” Something tells me that just doesn’t happen at the Palace.

Here are some more photos!

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  • “– they don’t make laws or whatever, so chill, world”

    Are you really that ignorant? Do you realise that the Monarchy are head of state, and that every single law and bill has to go through them to get passed? And the ENTIRE House of Lords, that actually make laws and bills, are all just cousins / relatives of the Monarchy? The total cost of the Monarchy to the tax payer is over £200 million a year. Do you not think that money would be better of spent towards education, rather than funding the over indulgent food/housing bills? Do not talk about something you know nothing about.

    • Basically it’s exactly like every other country in the world. Money rules political interests. If it wasn’t a queen putting her two cents in, it’s major corporations that fund political campaigns in exchange for later favour, etc. This is nothing new.

    • WAAAH. They’re not spending money the way I WANT THEM TO. Let’s spend more on “the people”?

      Geez, get a grip. We spend FAR TOO MUCH MONEY on the scammers in our society.