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Never cross Taylor Swift or you’ll be sorry

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Taylor Swift has been performing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for a couple of years now and while some models didn’t think she was really right for the job since she’s isn’t conventionally sexy, she’s still there and giving a big f-you to anyone who doesn’t like her.

In fact, according to some reports, Taylor got back at her greatest detractor, model Jessica Hart, who said publicly that Taylor “didn’t fit” in with the Victoria’s Secret crowd, but “bless her heart”, anyway. Taylor apparently got Hart fired from this year’s Fashion Show in the ultimate act of revenge.

From The New York Daily News:

“It’s not been announced that Jessica is not walking, but it was a direct request from Taylor that this be the case if she were to go,” one well-placed Victoria’s Secret insider tells Confidenti@l. “No one can know that Taylor requested Ms. Hart not be in the show. They want to keep that under wraps, but that’s the facts.”

Our source says that behind closed doors the singer gave Hart a Swift kick in her perfectly sculpted butt. Taylor had her team remove the Australian stunner from the spectacular show during talks that again landed Swift the coveted gig at the event.

Huh. Victoria’s Secret have denied this, of course, and said that Hart is still working with them and did a campaign with them a few months back. Go figure. I don’t think this is true at all, of course, but it is a juicy little story, in any case. LOL to Taylor a) being so vengeful and b) so powerful. Riiiiight.

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  • Oh for fu*k’s sake…the drama! Get a grip Taylor Swift and Jessica Hart. You’re a singer and a model…respectively. You’re not solving world hunger.

  • Oh get over yourself Taylor Swift, you’re the biggest thing in pop right now and you’re getting no name models fired for saying you can’t be an angel because you’re you have no experience. You’re awkward, geeky and fake no matter how hard you try to seem confident. Because once you show that confidence everyone will see what a mean person you really are. So she said you had no experience just like her ass probably can’t sing and def can’t sell a billion records about stupid failed attempts at relationships. Get a therapist you have control issues.