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Kourtney Kardashian does the whole naked pregnancy photo shoot thing (again)

kourtney kardashian

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time Kourtney Kardashian has stripped down in front of a camera before giving birth and, if she decides to let Scott Disick put another one in her in future, I’m sure she’ll do it again. It’s the Kardashian way – no shame in that. This time, some magazine called DuJour got the honours (?), as well as an interview.

The interview is a bit shit, of course, and didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know. Kourtney loves walking around naked and doesn’t think her body is anything to be ashamed of, so she’s comfortable letting everybody see all her bits… because why not? Sure, good for her. However, she says she wouldn’t do any nude shoots if she wasn’t pregnant, because the whole thing that’s interesting about this nudity is the baby growing inside of her… or whatever. But how does she hope these photos will be received?

How do you hope people will react to these pictures?

I don’t know. It’s what a woman’s body is made to do, so I hope it’s maybe seen as something that’s artistic. This was something that initially I did for myself just to capture the moment in my life, but these photos are beautiful and I’m happy to share them. And I like how raw they are. It’s my body: I’m not trying to impress anybody or be something that I’m not. But in general, I don’t really care that much about what people think. It doesn’t rule my world. I did this because I wanted to and it made me happy.

I’m trying super hard not to raise my eyebrow at the comment about how a woman’s body is apparently “made to” make babies, because HELLO, 19th century thinking, but whatevs. The woman loves having kids, so I’m gonna let her roll with that. I also enjoy (and believe) that she doesn’t actually give a single shit whether or not people like this, and I totally think she is doing it cos she felt like it, and that’s alright by me. Khloe has always been my favourite Kardashian just because of Kourtney’s bitch factor, but I have to admit, she is pretty likeable (sometimes).

The other two pics are behind the cut!

kourtney kardashian

kourtney kardashian

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  • I was JUST thinking to myself, it’s been a whole day since I’ve seen a nekkid Kardashian, what’s up with that? Said.nobody.ever

  • Uh, no…women are physically and genetically (most of the time) “made” to make babies. We got’s all the parts and whatnot. Now, whether or not you want to make babies, is a whole other deelio.