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Is this Kevin Federline’s dick?

kevin federline

I’m sorry to scar your retinas so early in the morning/so close to lunch time, everyone, but news is news and here we are. Photographs of Kevin Federline‘s dick apparently surfaced online yesterday and everyone is going nuts. Keep in mind that a) this is probably not Kevin Federline’s dick and b) if it is, it’s his dick from like, 15 years ago when he wasn’t fat.

KFed has since claimed that this isn’t his junk and his is actually way bigger, which… LOL, okay… Let’s ask Britney about that one. But anyway, it’s behind the cut. Again, I apologize… and happy holidays!

kevin federline dick

Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Does ANYONE seriously like dick pics or looking at dicks full stop? Like, even if you LIKE dicks, do you honestly want to look at them? SMH…

[H/T to Tumblr account Gay Heaven for this jewel]

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