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Dave Chappelle once bought weed from Idris Elba

dave chappelle

In what’s actually a hilarious tale of “It’s a Small World, Even in Hollywood”, it turns out Dave Chappelle probably bought weed once from Idris Elba before either of them got famous. Hilarious!

From a sit down interview with GQ:

Idris Elba once said he used to sell weed at the New York comedy club Carolines. That can’t be true, right?

Oh, okay. So he used to work at Carolines. During that era of my life, there’s a high possibility that I bought reefer from Idris. Fast-forward to when I was doing Chappelle’s Show. Idris would come to the set sometimes. Not the set where we’d be filming sketches, but the set when we did the live portion of the show and we showed the audience sketches. It used to be a real hot ticket in New York. There’s a lot of women who used to work on the show…all very professional, with the single exception when Idris would come around. It doesn’t matter how big a star would be on the show, when he came around, women would just lose their goddamn minds.

So it turns out ladies always loved Idris – not that that’s surprising. The more you know! So what did Idris look like back in the day, anyway? This is what Google brought me, after much searching:

idris elba

I must say, I think he looks much better now – but what about you? Would you hit it?

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