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Hilary Duff doesn’t need to work, she wants to

hilary duff

Hilary Duff is ready to make her big comeback. She’s been out of the spotlight for a while but she’s coming back with new music AND a new TV show called Younger (which is supposed to be on in January), so naturally she’s back on the cover of magazines. Elle Canada got her for their November issue and here are some highlights:

Is it nerve-racking to change gears after so many years? “It is. I don’t need to work; I want to work. But I like to be successful, and it can’t be done half-assed in this industry. I feel guilty a little bit, but I know that I’m going to be the best mom when I’m a happy person, and this makes me really happy.”

Do you think your son is getting a sense of your fame? “I think he’s starting to figure it out, but I don’t really know what he thinks yet. I don’t tell him anything about my job, but he knows Mommy’s a singer and an actress. We have this book called Goodnight Los Angeles. It’s like, ‘Goodnight, movie stars and entertainers of Los Angeles!’ and it shows people working on a set and having their names in lights. Mike’s always telling Luca ‘This is where Mommy is!’ when I’m at work.”

You were one of the original Disney child stars, but now that you’re re-entering the business as an adult, are you tempted to step out with a sexy new image, as so many others have? “It’s a scary thought because I’m not such a strategic person. When I started making my record, I didn’t have some grandiose plan about how it was all going to go down. I was more like, ‘I’m going to start writing and be who I am now and talk about some of the shit I’ve been through.’ It’s uncomfortable for me because people have always been like, ‘Well, why haven’t you gone crazy?’”

How do you answer the question “Why haven’t you gone crazy?” “It’s impossible to answer.”

You’re still young, yet you’ve been an influencing icon for some of the biggest stars right now, like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Does that feel strange? “All the time, because I’m a fan of theirs. I see tweets that Miley is excited that I was at her show, and when I gave Ariana an award the other day, she was like, ‘I can’t breathe right now.’ That admiration goes both ways. It’s sweet—[being in their position] just feels like such a lifetime ago for me.”

Aw, I actually quite like Hilary Duff. Her music isn’t all that great and I can’t say I’ve ever watched anything she’s done, but as a person she seems down-to-earth and really sweet, and that’s enough for me. What can I say? I’m simple.

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  • She looks great; but I never really thought she hit the same heights as those other Disney kiddos. I may be wrong, I just had a vague awareness of her, where it is IMPOSSIBLE to miss the other prostitot-looking performers

  • She should work on saving her marriage and family first. Hubby is quite riche she wouldn’t have to work much at all with him. Family first, work second.

    • When you’re married to a cheating, entitled dbag, the only thing you need to work on is divorce papers