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Ariana Grande has a stalker now

ariana grande

Another day, another story about a female celebrity being stalked by some crazy dude who thinks he has a chance in hell in getting with the object of his affections. Obviously mental illness plays a part in these cases, and it certainly does with Ariana Grande‘s stalker, 29-year-old Tim Normandin, who has been sending insane packages full of gifts for Ariana care of her management company, who have warned him off.

From TMZ:

Police in Lowell, MA paid a visit to the home of 29-year-old Tim Normandin, after Ariana’s record label complained the guy was sending Ariana a slew of packages. Inside the boxes:

— 42.5 pound pumkin
— 8 Yankee candles
— Dog and cat calendars
— 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
— $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers
— Rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire

We’re told cops told Normandin to stop sending packages or he’d face criminal harassment charges, but he was undeterred.

The guy is steadfast … he’s trying to get Ariana’s attention.

He’s about to get attention as unwanted as the gifts he’s sending Ariana.

Actually… those sound like pretty great presents in part. The Yankee candles and the calendars? Sign me up. I’d put the anklet on eBay and I’d have to see the mirrors, but in general… yeah, it’s creepy, I get it. How do you even send a 42.5 pound pumpkin?

In the grand scheme of stalkers, this guy seems pretty tame, but then this will probably escalate to scarier/more dangerous than annoying things in future if they don’t nip it in the bud. Yet again, mental illness runs rampant…

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  • Forty two and a half pound pumpkin. That just boggles the mind. Clearly he works for the postal service. Stay safe, tiny incomprehensible scream-singer in the tragic baby hookah gear!

  • And, since she looks like she hasn’t even hit puberty yet, probably some pedo or ephebo mixed in there somewhere.