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Gwyneth Paltrow knew Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin wouldn’t last


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin recently called off their short-lived romance for unknown reason, and many people were surprised since things seemed to be going well. The one person who wasn’t surprised, however, was Gwyneth Paltrow, who knew it would never last between them, apparently.

From Radar Online :

News of the Lawrence – Martin split broke on Monday, but according to a source, “Gwyneth wasn’t surprised by it. She never thought the relationship was going to last because of their age difference. Jen is 24 and Chris is 37. Plus, Jen complained to Chris that she felt like the third wheel in their relationship because of all the time he spent with his kids.”

Meanwhile, “Gwyneth always pressured Chris to spend more time with Apple and Moses,” the source revealed. “The kids would constantly call Chris when he was with Jennifer, and whatever they were doing would have to come to a standstill. There was always the expectation from Gwyneth that Chris should spend even more time with the kids.”

Oh, dear. That sounds like hateration of the highest degree, no matter how true it is (like, the fact that they were never going to last).  OF COURSE Goop is going to think that Chris Martin will never find anyone as great as she is and as refined and classy and wonderful. Of course she’s going to think JLaw – who burps and eats and talks about shitting herself in interviews – is going to be looked down upon. Whatever, man.

Then again, maybe she never said any of this at all… but I feel like there’s a root of truth here.

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  • See: ALL Goop’s fault! But really, who DIDN’T see that breakup coming?? Dating still married people is difficult at best and doing it in the public eye…I hope it was just for publicity. Or fuzz bumping or what have you

    • Word. It was like General Eisenhower vs Forrest Gump, LeBron vs Bieber, Nene vs Sheree, you get the idea. But you know who wins the most in this situation! We do, my friend. We do.

  • Chris greatly desires intense pain, raging nightmares and constant suffering.. he will choose Grumpy-goop and endlessly wail for what could have been a happy life.. while they ignore their proto-type what could have been perfect kids..

  • Eh, there must be something to Goop, Chris keeps going back for more and he was with her for what, 10 years?