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Taylor Swift is taking over the world

taylor swift

Taylor Swift only released her new album, 1989, on Monday, but she’s already basically killing all your favs and then some. She sold over half a million albums in under 24 hours, and considering how many people illegally downloaded it (thereby not counting in the sales), that’s AMAZING.

taylor swift

Definitely well deserved since, as I said the other day, it’s an EXCELLENT pop album and is already in my Top 5 albums of the year, for sure. I haven’t met a single person – TSwift fan or not – who doesn’t absolutely love it. This might be the most popular album of the year (and the only one to go platinum, since no other albums have so far).

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  • Taking over the world…nooooo, Swifty isn’t over-hyped whatsoever. She sings and co-writes catchy songs. Have her swim with dolphins shirtless and punch some horses and I’ll worry about her

  • with all the possible hit songs available to radio TayTay may not have to make another record for 2 or 3 years.

  • and that gives her plenty of time to find a guy who can make her happy, not to mention a new potential song much later on.

  • This is not really very surprising, considering her fans recently voted several seconds of static to #1, after being told it was a snippet of one of her upcoming singles. Proving only that sheep can now use computers.