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Sarah Hyland discusses her recent breakup with abusive boyfriend

sarah hyland

Sarah Hyland made a lucky escape from her longtime former boyfriend, Matthew Prokop, earlier this year when she broke up with him AND got a restraining order. Now, for the first time, she’s shed some light on how she got through such a tough situation, and while she never named Prokop by name, it was a poignant interview.

What a messed up situation. Abuse like that is so difficult to get out of, and it’s so good that Sarah had the resources, support and strength to make it through such a difficult experience. Here’s hoping she’s able to find some peace and safety away from that abusive asshole. Now if only he was prosecuted…

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  • Honestly a restraining order doesn’t mean shit if the guy is really obsessed and out to make you pay. She needs to keep her guard up.