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Kristen Stewart has a huge ego because of Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart robert pattinson

I’m not even sure where this story is coming from, since Kristen Stewart seems like one of the most nonchalant celebrities who really doesn’t give a shit about Hollywood or anything that comes with it, but whatever. Apparently she has a massive ego, and it’s all Robert Pattinson‘s fault.

The 24-year-old “Twilight” star, who recently declared that she was taking a break from acting to focus on art, doesn’t “even resemble the person that we knew from before she was with Rob [Pattinson],” a friend told Radar.

“She used to be a very low-key, cool girl,” the source said. “But her inflated ego has convinced her that even her childhood friends only want to hang out with her because of ‘who she is.'”

“It’s really sad, and her friends are literally dropping like flies,” the disgusted insider added.

LOL, okay? Apparently the proof for this is the fact that she said in a recent interview with USA Today that she’s going to take a bunch of time off and make art with her hands for a while soon. That’s pretentious and egotistical to some. Also, if she does feel that people are only interested in her for her money and fame, there’s probably a reason for that. It’s pretty standard in Hollywood, so… not seeing the issue here.

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  • I mean, I buy that she’s an asshole but that seems to have been the case long before Sparkling Adonis came into the picture.

  • Those of small talent usually have the biggest, most undeserved egos….enjoy your own company KStew….

  • It sounds to me like someone didn’t get the loan they were hoping for from their old pal KStew…

  • I say BS.. she was taught at home.. home schooled and was a shy girl.. unless she is acting, she likes being private.. all brothers no sisters, athletic.. hard knock life..