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Kelly Clarkson covers ‘Shake It Off’

kelly clarkson

Today’s the official release date of Taylor Swift‘s new album, 1989, and in its honour, here’s a video of Kelly Clarkson covering ‘Shake It Off’ during a concert in Buffalo, New York last week. For the record, Taylor absolutely loved it. I’m sure you’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing that.

I have to say, Taylor’s new album is AMAZING. I have always liked her, but this is the first album of hers that I’ve liked every single track without fail. Like, if you like solid pop music, listen to this. It’s really, really good and there isn’t one shitty song on it, which is a feat in and of itself. Get it! (Or at least illegally download it!)

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  • TayTay isnt much of a singer so pop music is the perfect spot for her (and her legs). But she does write really good stuff.

  • Okay how good is the album?? I can’t get over it. Welcome to New York and Style are incredible. Shake It Off is actually one of the poorest songs on the record!

  • Izzat Adele? Wait.. izzat Linda Ronstadt? Oh.. no.. um.. Anne Wilson? Oh, wait. anyhow she’s got great pipes. Anyway, speaking of dieting, Re: Demi Lovato, as Kathy Griffin said, “Everybody knows the Hollywood diet is Red Bull and cocaine!”.

  • I love Kelly Clarkson, she always covers something big during each concert, right? I worry about all those cheating rumors with that new bebeh. Hey! Where’s the bebeh?? There was one, right?? Conspiracy theory! Wait-what was the question?