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Russell Brand has thoughts on Renee Zellweger’s new face

russell brand

Renee Zellweger disappeared for a couple years and when she came back, she had a brand new face. Crazy, right? She says it’s just because she’s living a healthier lifestyle now, and while most people with a working brain know that’s total bullshit, Russell Brand doesn’t care either way – he thinks it’s all down to feminism and everyone needs to leave her alone.

Say what you will about Russell’s approach, but I love him, and he makes a valid point. Duh, Renee Zellweger is in the public eye and under a ridiculous amount of pressure to stay youthful and perfect and blah blah blah (as you remember, my issue was more with the lying about it than the doing it, but that’s neither here nor there) – and pointing out all the INSANE amount of coverage this has received really brings it home just how nuts we are as a society, myself included.

However, side note: do you think Russell is back on the drugs? I know he’s generally pretty excitable, but he seems slightly manic in this video…

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  • love him SO much. Her face has lost its baby fat – which happens when you age. maybe she had some work done but Jesus – his points are well taken.

  • I agree that he looks a bit manic, but I think he’s just worked up. I understand the point he’s making; why is this front-page breaking news?? I think Russel just gets upset that this is what so much of our population is consumed by and obsessed with, and it must be frustrating for him sometimes having to go along with it, to a certain degree, to stay relevant and continue to spread his ideas where possible.
    It’s all orchestrated so masterfully, you’d be an idiot to think there was no agenda behind all this.

  • “My only qualification is that I know nothing about the case.” Hahaha!
    That was great. Idk why this is news either but I loved his assessment of the situation. It was quite humorous.