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Does Tori Spelling have ebola?

tori spelling

I’m sorta LOL-ing at my own headline because it just seems so laughable to me – not because ebola is at all funny, but because how in the hell would Tori Spelling have gotten ebola? Come on! However, she was hospitalized over the weekend with any number of illnesses, and now she’s been quarantined since ebola fever is going strong (so to speak) and you can never be too careful.

From TMZ:

Sources tell us Tori was running a fever, coughing uncontrollably, and having trouble breathing … when she was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital. We’re told Tori was quarantined from other patients, and medical staff took precautions while treating her.

While it sounds scary … we’re told it’s NOT Ebola — but instead Tori was admitted for a severe case of bronchitis with a sinus infection. Doctors are running blood tests, and a lung specialist is going to check out her bronchitis.

Some other sources have claimed that she’s just got pneumonia, which is still no fun, but still largely survivable and a lot better than ebola. Either way, homegirl needs to get her immune system up – she’s always ill! Hope she gets better soon, in any case.

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    • I try not to skinny-shame, because all body types are beautiful, blah blah (but for reals, yo), but I don’t find her look esthetically appealing personally. Who knows?? Maybe some peeps dig sinew and veins!

      I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit there. Erp

  • The American public waits with bated breath… I’m sure we will get the FULL STORY next season of her show Torbola: It was just a Sinus Infection.

  • I feel bad for Tori since she had two kids TEN MONTHS APART, both c-sections, I can’t even imagine what that tiny little body has been through. Did that sound creepy? Little bit? Anyway, get better soon, Tori! Stop traveling to Liberia! Okay, well, keep NOT traveling to Liberia!

  • She’s ugly inside and out – it’s all lies and drama for that show. Remember last year? She did the same thing by going into the hospital for days for stress and exhaustion…. Get a new idea Tori!