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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Bey's bangs: hell yes or God no?

Bey‘s bangs: hell yes or God no?

We’ve got kind of a short edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! for you this week. Last week we had a lot of WTF going on, but this week, it’s all pretty tame. Still, it’s worth checking out, and as always, we need your snark. So go through the photos and make your picks for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! As always, mine will be at the bottom.



Ms. Blake “Antebellum America” Lively looks, I have to admit, great. I wonder what horrible incident inspired this outfit?


Carmen Electra. What the hell is this? What’s up with the I Dream of Jeannie ponytail? Gotta say, I think this whole look borders on tacky.



Where has Demi Moore been hiding? She’s been gone for like, ever, and now suddenly she’s everywhere. Anyway, I adore this look, I think she looks way cute, and Jesus, she doesn’t age, does she? Love it.



Apologies to Hilary Swank but I think this dress is just awful. What is with the weird cutout? What an utterly bizarre dress.



What a sharp look on Idina Menzel. If I’m being picky (and I am), I think the neckline is a little too harsh — wish it was a bit more open — but overall, she looks fab. Loving the color.



Y’all should know by now that I love January Jones, and even though this dress is almost ugly, I think she looks lovely. And maybe the dress is more than “almost” ugly — maybe it’s ugly — but I think she pulls it off.



What the hell is Jennifer Hudson wearing? The top says Audrey Hepburn, the bottom says Pretty Woman. It’s strange. I am not impressed. I’m almost actively hating it.



Jennifer Lawrence in a jacket-dress. And she’s nailin’ it.



I love Jessica Alba‘s skirt, but I hate the top, and together, I think it’s just not cute. I appreciate the early ’60s vibe, but I think the overall effect is kinda ugly. (I’m not calling her ugly, just her outfit.)



So hey, I can appreciate a good goth look every now and then, but this somber number on Julianne Moore just isn’t doing it for me. Don’t think it’s cute, flattering, or elegant. Just think she looks like a dour overgrown goth kid. Sorry not sorry.



Is it my imagination or has Kate Bosworth put on like 2 pounds? It’s probably just my imagination.



I really want to like this, because I have nothing against Kathy Griffin, but man alive, what’s up with all the ugly black outfits? What the hell is going on?



Here’s my other Mad Men-lady muse, Kiernan Shipka. How is she so perfect at only 14??? I was a goddamn mess at 14. Certainly was no one’s fashion inspiration. Then again, she probably has a stylist. I didn’t.



My thoughts on this photo: 1. Man, I love Krysten Ritter. 2. Man, she’s f-cking skinny. 3. Man, that’s a cute dress and shoes. (P.S., man.)



You know what? I actually don’t hate this look on Lady Gaga. I think it’s ’70s inspired fun. Yeah, I was surprised, too.



Lena Dunham‘s really promoting that stupid book of hers. Anyway, I like this outfit except for the shoes. I’m grumpy today, deal.



And here’s another fashion shocker: I don’t hate this Lindsay Lohan outfit either. I think she looks quite spiffy and classy. Good for her.



So, Reese Witherspoon‘s bod looks hot, but I think this dress overall is, you guessed it, ugly. Like, really ugly. Am I crazy here?



Oh and speaking of ugly outfits, WTF is this on Shailene Woodley?



Of course Sienna Miller is rocking a crop top in October. And of course she’s doing it with fiery red lips. I think this whole look is a little too severe.



And finally, Tilda Swinton doing what she does best — wearing rumpled menswear.

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine!

BEST: Jennifer Lawrence
WORST: Jennifer Hudson
WTF: Shailene Woodley

Your turn!

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  • Jennifer Hudson would look fine if she wore a skirt that was in the correct size, but she wants to be ‘thin’ so badly. Just accept that you’re not a size 6, girl! Curves look good!

  • best: Krysten Ritter.
    worst: Hilary Swank (the bottom of the dress looks like the legs of cows in a grassy field , right? or is just me?)
    wft: me (cause I do not believe what I am about to say) wtf: Lindsay Lohan. She takes a lot of crap (rightly so), but here she looks like a normal human being–wtf?

  • Oh and Beyoncé’s haircut looks like mine when I was six and chopped off my own bangs. Just sayin..