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Lady Gaga says the world is wrong about Israel

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This is a celebrity gossip blog, not a political blog, so I’ll leave my personal opinions somewhat out of this one. You see, Lady Gaga recently visited Israel, which makes her an expert in the world’s political climate and totally qualified to tell us all how wrong we are about the country because it’s nice and she met some nice people there. Uh… okay?

From The Independent:

“Oh it was fantastic!” she coos of her Israeli show. “Tel Aviv was magnificent. The world view of Israel is just not reality. It’s in a beautiful place, the people are in good spirits,” she says, perhaps not a view that would prevail in Gaza. “I had a very emotional show with those fans. It was wonderful.

Here’s the thing: the world view about Israel is based on what the country does on an international scale, not about the individuals you’ve met there who like your music, girl. A lot of people think a lot of shitty things about Americans based on what our country does in the world, but that has little reflection on everyday citizens who want nothing to do with what the government puts into play. Most people with any intelligence know that a lot of Americans are sick and tired of the terrorist witch hunting and the fact that America can’t seem to mind its own business (in fact, it minds anything but). However, that doesn’t mean what people think of America as a COUNTRY is wrong – America is synonymous with war and greed and shit at this point to other countries in the world, so obviously that’s what they’re basing their opinions on. Same goes for Israel. I’m sure there are PLENTY of lovely Israeli people; in fact, I imagine most people in the country are lovely. Politicians and citizens rarely have the same goals.

My one word of advice to Lady Gaga would be to be an entertainer, not a political commentator. To say that those who view Israel in a negative light – especially those who live in the region – are not living in “reality” is ridiculous. It’s THEIR reality, which is far more than the codified version she no doubt experienced in her few days there.

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  • It was very nice of you to leave your political views out the article. I could hardly tell your hostility toward Israel.

    If you didn’t care what Lady Gaga, who HAD visited Israel before speaking, said, or if you think Lady Gaga, who HAD visited Israel before speaking, is an idiot, you should have used your valuable blog space for something more inane. You know, the regular stuff you cover.

  • God, this girl is so full of shit. But then again, with lyrics like hers you can’t really expect the comments that come shooting out of those surgically enhanced lips to be any better.

  • I love the disorganized and magnificently ignorant world view posted by our author, “Jennifer”, clearly a self-loathing New York style liberal, probably a Jewish one (they make the greatest self-loathers, mystifyingly). Oh, you’ll never see an Israeli Jew self-loathe but East Coast liberal ones ? It’s their favorite activity. Speak on things of which you have any idea whatsoever. I lived in an Islamic third world country for six years. Don’t attempt to educate me on .. well.. anything.

      • Thanks. The only thing I’m correct about is you’re not well versed in foreign politics at all. Well, you were “educated in it” but that’s not “real education” …Why do I say that? Well, just read your own writing, over a long period of time…. Having lived “over there” for many years, I can’t help but be educated, from the ground up.

    • Get over it, the entire world is aware of Israel brutal politics. The murder of children and families, illegal kidnapping of children as young as 5, illegal permanent detainment of local Palestinian civilians. Not only those are Muslim Palestinians abused and brutalized even the Christian Palestinians are treated like shit. Heck they call blacks the cancer of their society and black Jewish migrants were unknowingly sterilized to keep from ‘breeding’. The entire world is becoming aware of this murderous nation and it needs to be put out there.

  • everyone is entitled to their own opinion. yes Israel is a beautiful place. I certainly love it. however when you are there just to visit you do not get to see what life is really like there. The people make the best of time because they know in an instant it could change. In all honesty in light of what was going on in Israel this past summer and is still lingering in the fore ground… whom ever is saying they are brutal people and a brutal country is the one that needs the education. their army in almost all cases doesn’t leave the boundaries of their country and in addition only uses force when need to protect their own… keep in mind their own also accounts for the Muslims and Palestinians that reside inside the country of Israel because just like Israelis not all Muslims and Palestinians are horrible people either. In all walks of life their are good and bad, to look at a group as whole and say they barbarians is simply ignorant.

    • Oh really I live there and I see only blood shed of Israelis that are being murder by Arabs. I’m not saying all Arabs are bad personally some of my good friends are Arab, but have you ever read there bible and how it’s ok and even inspired to kill Jews for once let isreal defend themselves. Wood America let foreigners murder there own people?