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Elle Fanning is not a blonde anymore

elle fanning

Elle Fanning is growing up so quickly! I feel like she was just, like, 10 the other day and apparently now she’s 16 and I’m feeling old. In any case, she’s always been known as an adorable kid with super blonde hair, but all that is changed now since she’s dyed it a colour Vogue is calling “honey brown” and it looks great!

There’s not much else to talk about here, but celebrity hair colour is apparently a topic of interest to some, so here we are, topic-ing about it. This totally suits her and makes her look older, and it’s a nice change for the cooler weather. I just got my hair cut a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to dye it a lighter colour but it’s so much effort.

Okay, that’s all the beauty talk I can muster at the moment. What do you think? Was Elle better as a blonde, or is this her best look yet?

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