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Beyonce finally “proves” she was really pregnant with Blue Ivy

beyonce jay-z

I’ve never been a Beyonce conspiracy theorist when it comes to the issue of whether or not she was actually ever pregnant with Blue Ivy. The stupid “collapsable baby bump” thing seemed like a joke to me, but apparently some people are very, very serious about their feelings on the subject for some reason or other. In any case, Bey knows this, and she used her On The Run HBO special to somewhat set the record straight by sharing the above photo of herself posing naked with Jay-Z during her pregnancy. See? Issue solved… or something.

Now people are saying Bey is the queen of Photoshop (wrong – that’s Kim Kardashian) so this could easily be fake, but is it really that serious, y’all? Why go to such great lengths to make up something so stupid? Here’s Beyonce in the hospital after giving birth, as well:

beyonce blue ivy

I get it – people do make up insane shit and this wouldn’t be the weirdest thing someone lied about, but like… really? I dunno, I just don’t see the point. That child is Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s and that’s kinda all that matters. But speaking of Jay-Z, here’s a picture from their wedding, which oddly looks vaguely tacky:

beyonce jay-z wedding

Candles on a flat screen TV? I mean… alright.

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  • Totally SHOPPED if like you say you think this whole this is crazy why would she need to try and “prove” she was pregnant? They concocted the whole break up bullshit to sell tickets and after 2yrs? or however old the kid is she brings this pic out after all the haters (me included) have basically said she lied about her pregnancy. I gotta call BULLSHIT

  • Well, I always thought that Beyoncé had just had a burrito binge and Jay-Z had the kid, because she looks just like him…..ugly.