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Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea – ‘Booty’ (Make it stop!)

jennifer lopez iggy azalea booty

Here it is, ladies and gents – the video you certainly weren’t waiting for and probably had no idea existed. It’s Jennifer Lopez‘s new video for her song ‘Booty’, featuring Iggy Azalea. Everything about this is horrendous: the fact that a 44-year-old mother of two small children still feels the need to compete with 2o-something pop stars by singing about her ass, the fact that she felt the need to use Iggy Azalea (which… don’t get me started there), the fact that the song would be shit no matter who sung it… you get my drift.

Also, before anyone gets all up in arms, I’m not saying 44-year-old women/mothers can’t be sexy, get their ass out, whatever they want. I’m saying this is clearly a DIRECT result of her need to compete with the younger girls (who are hot messes in their own right), which I think is sad. She’s earned her fame and her name and doesn’t need to resort to this shit. Because it is shit.

But here, please judge for yourself:

I love me some J.Lo, but she needs to get a grip with this shit. We get it: you’ve got a nice ass, it’s been a major part of your career, you enjoy it and men and women looking at it do, too. But… girl, no. Seriously, full props for having an INCREDIBLE body for any age, but sit down.

Also, please get Iggy’s NON-ass out of here stat. She looks SO awkward and out of her element… most likely because she is.

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  • This is SO bad. Like, so so bad. So much second-hand embarrassment, what the hell were they thinking? And Iggy Azalea’s make up is terrible, her face looks yellow. Terrible song. Also, I don’t like this whole booty trend, I hate when body parts become fetishised trends. I have a big fat arse and a small waist, and now I’m cool but in six months I’ll be told I need to lose the flab etc like please…..

  • I really don’t like the song, it doesn’t appeal to me at all.. but the video? It’s also awful, but I think it’s ok to sing about your body and to show it off, it’s totally fine. I just don’t like it when men do it about women’s bodies.

    (if there are any grammatical mistakes, it’s because english is not my first language)