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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Amazingly, Rita Ora managed to wear something just as, if not more, WTF than this. Check out the post!

Amazingly, Rita Ora managed to wear something just as, if not more, WTF than this. Check out the whole post!

My God, it’s freakin’ hot in Los Angeles. So it’s time to bring you some ~~hot~~ celebrity looks. That’s right, time again for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Go through the photos and make your pick for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week. I gotta say, there’s not a whole lotta WTF this week. Kinda disappointing. But I think Rita Ora does a pretty good job of bringing the WTF, as usual.



Alec Baldwin looks like kind of a mess, but I adore what his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, is wearing. Such a Zooey dress, and I’m a sucker for Zooey dresses.


Bellamy Young. Okay, if there’s one thing I hate more than crop tops, it’s shirts that can’t decide if they want to be crop tops. This needs to be a little higher or a little lower; as is, it’s super ’90s, and not in a fun throwback way.



Here’s English singer Eliza Doolittle reminding me a LOT of Lady Gaga. And Cher. She looks like a lady Oscar statue. But I’m not really hating on it, I think she pulls it off, for what it is.



Emmy Rossum. Man, she almost always brings it. Personally, I’m loving this. She looks like human confetti.



Heidi Klum‘s look reminds me of “caveman chic” in which it looks like she personally skinned an animal and thew it over her body. It works, though.



Oh, and speaking of throwing an animal skin on your body, here’s Jennifer Lopez in a super matchy-matchy snakeskin outfit. Personally, I hate how matchy it is. I do like the dress, although it wanders into “where are your pants” territory.



Jessica Szohr. Haven’t seen much of her lately, so I thought I’d throw her in here. I like her dress.



Julianne Hough. In all fairness to Ms. Hough, this looked better on TV. As photographed, it’s kind of a mess. It’s like she’s channeling ’90s Madonna, and failing.



Kate Walsh. I hate this.



Kate Winslet. She’s really bringing it, with those brass boobs.



Katherine Heigl. This is soooo ’90s. Like Jennifer Aniston ’90s. Anyone else seeing this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.



I LOVE this dress on Katie Holmes. Love the pleating, it’s so interesting. It’s like she’s a chic, sexy little accordion.



Kerry Washington. Love the color of the dress but what in the hell is going on with that purse? It’s ghastly.



Kim Kardashian. Why tie the shirt? Why? I don’t get it.



And here’s Kris Jenner wearing a freakin’ bedsheet.



I think Laura Prepon desperately needs a new stylist. She can do so much better than this.



Lauren Graham! Remember her? Good to see her again. The dress is kinda meh, but still, good to see her.



Maggie Grace in a fierce red suit. I dig it. Like the necklace, too; it flows well with the cut of the jacket.



Rashida Jones. Time to vote: is this cute or frumpy? I’m leaning towards frumpy.



And here’s Rita Ora in another WTF ensemble. I bet Judy Jetson would kill for this look.



Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh my gosh, I love this. It reminds me of classic Carrie Bradshaw. I even love the weird Chanel bag.



Here’s Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge. I see Sienna is back to her boho chic ways. Do we still dig it? PS I love Tom’s tie.



Taylor Schilling is quickly rising on my “always looks great” list. What do you think of this look: simple, or boring?



And finally, Tina Fey. Hate her commercials, love this dress. So fun.


BEST: Sarah Jessica Parker
WORST: Julianne Hough 
WTF: Rita Ora

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  • Is it just me or did someone else wear the dress Emily Rossum is wearing to some award ceremony recently? I remember loving it then and I love it now. Perhaps Julianne Moore or some other redhead actress? Also I love Kim Kardashian’s and Kate Winstlet’s outfits (I think they’re very flattering) and Rita Ora’s holo get-up — it’s very costume-y but perhaps she was going to sing? Idk. I love it. Also Hilaria Baldwin looks great. I love Rashida Jone’s outfit. It’s something I would wear, although perhaps she shouldn’t have worn it to a night event?? Anyway. Sienna Miller looks terrible.

  • best: Jessica Szohr (she had the best accessory–a true smile. So many of these photos show the ladies with their hair pulled back so tightly and standing statue still with a grimace on their faces, this lady was refreshing!!)

    worst: OMGosh, Kris Jenner, you are not 30 something anymore stop trying so hard.

    wtf: Jennifer Lopez (see above about statues, hair and lack of smiles. Not to mention Ms Lopez’s age is starting to creep in and make this too young for her)

    To answer the questions:

    Schilling–great look
    Jones–cute, but thisclose to frumpy
    West–to get more attention to her fake boobs!
    Heigl–trying too hard to be classic and totally missing the mark