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Ariana Grande insists she’s not a diva

ariana grande

Ariana Grande is pretty much an absolute nightmare to deal with, if you believe the ENDLESS reports about her diva-like behaviour. From industry professionals to her fellow artists, she’s been written off as rude, ungrateful, bitchy, full of herself and a million other adjectives and frankly, I can sorta believe it. However, Ariana thinks it’s all hilarious and swears she’s just a normal, hardworking girl who’s got the short end of the stick.

ariana grande

ariana grande twitter

ariana grande twitter

Well, that… solves that? Except not. You attempting to absolve yourself on Twitter by pandering to your fans and attempting to win them over by declarations of your love for them doesn’t erase repeated incidences of acting like an asshole. People don’t just say you’re an asshole for no reason. Maybe one person might, but everywhere you go? Girl, no. Get some humility, because you’ll soon be over.

I guess those Mariah Carey comparisons went to her head a bit.

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  • Anyway if as she says what goes around comes around, then she deserves the criticisms, because the criticisms are coming to her.

  • her voice is so high pitched and whiny she IS NOT the next mariah carey. And mariah would never need Iggy featured on a song to boost popularity

  • People are sheep all it takes is one person to start saying shit about her and the rest will want to pile on. F#@k them Ariana just a bunch of jealous d bags who think your time in the spot light should be over.