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Ariana Grande thinks she’s an extremely sexual badass

ariana grande

Ariana Grande may be cornier than Gary Busey’s big toe, but she thinks she’s hot shit and basically a sexual powerhouse. You see, she may have started as a Nickelodeon star, but she’s actually far different from her kiddy character and is actually super mature and sultry or something.

From Marie Claire:
On early ambitions: “I was 14 years old and ready to make an R&B album. I was like, ‘Where is that Mary J. Blige collab? Where is that Natasha Bedingfield writing session? Where is my session with India.Arie? I’m ready. Let’s go.’ I wrote this song called ‘Higher,’ and the lyrics were too sexual, too mature. And my mom was like, ‘This is a great song, but damn, you’re too young for this.'”
On hiding behind her Nickelodeon character: “People liked her and they accepted her and they thought that I was like her. So I used to pretend to be a little more like her than I actually was.”
On her first single, “Put Your Hearts Up,” tanking: “I was like, ‘Guys, there has to be a really distinct difference between me and my character.’ And we did that with ‘The Way.’ I dyed my hair back to brown. I made out with a rapper in the video. I made the point I wanted to make. And I was excited to do so after so many years of pretending to be somebody else in front of a lot of people.” 

Oh God, this girl. I love that making out with rappers is supposed to be proof that Ariana Grande is edgy and a total bad girl. Also, sorry, I’m not buying the R&B bullshit, either. You may have loved What’s the 411?, but who didn’t? That shit does not make you legit. Oh, and one more thing: was your mother not concerned that her teenage daughter was writing sexually explicit music? Or is she a “cool mom” a la Amy Poehler in Mean Girls?
In case you’re not yet sick of Ariana’s left side, here’s another photo from the shoot (SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE RIGHT SIDE OF HER FACE????):
ariana grande

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