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Some guy told Beyonce she can’t sing and her response was excellent


I don’t know who in their right mind (which is, perhaps, the point) would go to a Beyonce concert just to hold up a sign that says she can’t sing, but I guess to each his own. That’s what some weirdo did nearly a year ago, and we’re only now seeing the video of how the incident unfolded now.

I won’t ruin it for you – just sit back and enjoy:

Well, that’s him told. Look, if you really don’t like someone/something, how about just, you know, getting a life and shutting up about it? NO ONE CARES. If you DO like something but you act like you don’t just to create drama/get attention, the advice is the same: get a life. No time for cornballs like this dude.

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    • I scanned, didn’t see/hear it, refused to watch the whole thing. She looks like she has some sort of support hose so her lower kankles don’t all bag up on the bottom. And what was the baldi-locks on the left side? Dude, do you hate yourself so much you’d go to a Beyonce concert? Lawdy lawdy me!

  • Lets face the truth the girl is pretty,gentle and has a little princess face look ,but I’m really sorry …..technically she does not know how to sing plus her legs are huge,she is to heavy when she moves especially when she tries to dance backwoods anyway guys we have really great talents out there waiting for you just go and get them.Today we must face the reality that knowone is stupid anymore and people have become more selective with a huge understanding if an artist is good or not.