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Lady Gaga visits Dubai, offends everyone in the process

lady gaga dubai

Lady Gaga decided to take her tour of terror (and Tony Bennett) over to Dubai and Tel Aviv lately, and while there, she dressed in traditional garb that’s completely wrong for the country she’s in (and also that she has no business wearing anyway, according to some people). First she wore Korean clothes in Japan, and now she’s wearing what appear to me to be Indian clothes in the UAE. Does it ever end with this woman?

I get that this is Gaga’s whole schtick, to dress up like she’s part of other times/cultures/ethnic groups, and whatever. She’s not the first person to do it and she won’t be the last. However, her ignorance about the practice just seems really over-the-top. If you’re going to be a cultural appropriator, shouldn’t you  know what culture you’re actually appropriating?

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  • Shut up you do know the outfitt she has on was design by someone over there right dumb people always trying to start something with gaga

  • Wow super predictable post Jennifer like if she donned a Hijab or a Burka you would call her out for cultural appropriation as you mentioned and If she wore something crazy like usual, you would call her an ignorant whore that disrespects the cultural dress codes. But you know, she’s just ignorant this time. Probably the best position for her in terms of bashing her over her CHOICE OF CLOTHING.

    Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you. Gaga is going to do this shit like she usually does and it is so inconsequential. Like how do you not understand that THIS IS NOT NEWS. NO ONE WAS OFFENDED. STOP BEING SHIT AT YOUR JOB.

      • It’s actually more entertaining to come here and read the absurdness that you write than it is to see and read actual REAL and TRUE stories about celebrities. You are becoming more and more like Perez Hilton, with the whole “I’m fat and people are mean to me so I have to try to be funny or witty so it distracts them. I’m going to be a total cunt in the process.”
        You know what I never see on here? People telling you how good of a writer you are. It’s always just the same comments about how you can’t write nor do you have any actual idea what the fuck you’re writing about.