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Kanye West hospitalized for a migraine

Kanye West

Kanye West is currently touring in Australia, and shit got serious yesterday when he was rushed to hospital. It wasn’t what you think – this wasn’t the result of some hip hop beef or another fight with a photographer. It was… for a headache.

From TMZ:

Yeezus and his entourage rushed to the emergency room Wednesday in Melbourne after playing basketball.

Sources tell us Kanye had a pretty intense migraine.  He was released later that afternoon after doctors checked him out and determined it wasn’t serious.

The Australian media is claiming Kanye suffered seizure like symptoms … but we’re told it’s not true.

He wasn’t the worse for wear … Kanye made it to his show at the Rod Laver Arena that evening … and ranted like his normal self.

Aw, poor wittle baby. I think it’s hilarious that it’s always the big hard men who have so much shit to talk on a daily basis that are the biggest babies about stuff like this. I’m not saying migraines can’t be scary, especially if you’re not used to having them, or that you shouldn’t seek medical attention if you think something’s wrong… but really, man?

Clearly it wasn’t that bad since he was back to himself hours later. Also, no wonder he had a headache – he’s an absolute misery and gives me one on a daily basis. It’s only natural that he’d experience it for himself after a while.

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  • I was dumbfounded when I found out how old Mr. West is. I thought he was the voice for my son and his ilk (20s) but he (West) is 37 much closer to my own age (early 40s). At his age he should know better and maybe go off and quietly parent his beautiful little one :)

  • FUCK. THIS. GUY. Like we can believe a damn thing the media tells us anyway. He was probably short of breath and wiggin’ out due to all the blow he snorts, let’s tell it like it is here.