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Justin Bieber hurt his wittle wrist

justin bieber wrist

Justin Bieber is a fucking terror behind the wheel of a car (or ATV) and has been causing accidents left and right. Hell, he was even arrested for wreckless driving and assault last Friday, and it seems JB himself has been hurt as a result of his own behaviour since he was treated yesterday for a broken wrist in Canada.

From TMZ:

We’re told Bieber went to the Stratford General Hospital in Ontario to have his wrist checked out. According to our sources, it turns out he suffered a sprain.

It’s unclear if Bieber injured his wrist in the ATV accident … or if he hurt it trying to reach something on a really high shelf. Ya know, cause he’s tiny.

It’ll take this kid getting paralyzed or doing it to someone else (or worse, killing them) for him to get it through his thick skull that driving a car is not a joke. I’m certainly not wishing anything horrible on him, but Bieber seems like one of those actual idiots who would only get his head out of his own ass if there was some kind of extreme tragedy.

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  • Wish the USA would refuse to allow this moron back into our country. Let him be an asshole in Canada, where he belongs.

    • Oh please lord no, we hate that little fucker.
      Send him to the middle east on a “peace tour” with the troops and have him do a concert for isis… bomb that little shit off this earth

  • Many who are paralyzed would rather death … careful with the paralysis=punishment for something stereotype.