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Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos leak and the internet loses its mind

jennifer lawrence

Sorry, unfortunately I won’t be posting Jennifer Lawrence‘s leaked nudes here on Evil Beet – not because it would be morally wrong (it would, but I would probably overlook it) but because we would probably get hit with a lawsuit, since that’s what her rep is threatening to do to whoever puts them up.

Some anonymous hacker on 4Chan apparently got hold of over 25 celebrity’s iCloud pics, and it’s amazing how many famous women really love taking pics of their own tits and ass. JLaw was by far the most heavy hit, with the hacker claiming to have over 60 nude selfies (paging Kim Kardashian!) and also some raw sexual video of the Hunger Games actress. Other celebrities hit include Victoria Justice, Kate Upton, Amber Heard, Ariana Grande and Cara Delevingne. In other words, a lot of people whose bits and bobs we’ve all seen already in some form or another.

Most of the ladies and/or their reps tend to be taking the “They’re totally fake, you guys!” route, but JLaw’s pretty much owned up to being starkers (seriously, one of the photos include her on a couch with EVERYTHING out) and her rep is NOT happy about it:

“This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Damn. In any case, the VERY NSFW thread over on /b/ can be seen HERE if you want to have a look at the photos (assuming you haven’t already). It’s pretty disgusting that people would hack into someone’s private information and post it publicly, but I do also wonder why celebrities haven’t realized that truly NOTHING is private – it’s the very unfortunate price you pay when you’re in the public eye. Part of me want to say, “Stop taking pictures of your boobs and vagina, ladies!” – but why should they have to? It’s not personally my thing, but you can tell by a lot of the leaked pics, especially of JLaw’s, that some were meant to be playful and silly and between herself and whoever the recipient was, NOT seriously sexual.

Remember, some dude went to prison for 10 years in 2012 after hacking Scarlett Johansson‘s phone and posting nude pics, so if this anonymous hacker is found out, it’s curtains.

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  • iCloud? Seriously?

    I’m all for taking nekkid selfies and/or home movies, but there is no way I would upload that to any online storage. Keep it on your laptop or, if you’re really worried about losing your photos/movies, put them on an external drive.

  • Remember how Kate Upton said a few weeks ago that she never would pose topless because these pictures would be on the internet forever? Karma, bitch!

    And I really wonder how some people still say that these celebrities are not to blame. You are responsible for the consequences of your actions and if you put your nekkid pics in a cloud as a celebrity…sorry, no sympathy here.

    • I’m with you Mister J!!! My sentiments EXACTLY! really??? you’re storing naked pics on a CLOUD??? duuuuuuuuh!

    • That sounds a bit like victim blaming. We can say it was stupid of them to take naked pics showing their faces (i’ve seen quite a few people complaining about that), and then store them on icloud. But it was not their fault they were hacked.

      That kind of narrative sounds quite a bit like people saying that if a woman was raped perhaps it was because she was drunk, or slutty, or walking alone, or whatever.

      At the end of the day, these celebrities were hacked because there’s people out there that will not respect their privacy and decide to play with women’s bodies and sexualities, not because they dared to have info/pics that could be hacked.

      • There is a thing called “personal responsibility” that everyone seems to forget about.

        No, it wasn’t right for someone to hack iCloud accounts & post the photos they found, but anyone with common sense knows that anything – anything – put online has the potential to be seen by millions. That goes for you, me & the guy down the street and doubly so for celebrities.

      • Well, Be. I have to disagree. If you get drunk or do other stupid things (like post nude photos to the cloud), you have to think that something bad MIGHT happen to you. Of course, there is no excuse for blaming victims, but when you contribute to your own stupidity, sometimes you have to consider it under “lessons learned” or lessons you should learn after hearing what happened to other folks.

  • Apparently I am part of the problem as I too agree that if you are comfortable storing this level of sensitive material on a cloud based server, then it shouldn’t be a shock when that info gets out.

    I do feel sorry for the people involved as their private details have been stolen and shared with the world, but am shocked of the lack of anti-iCloud sentiment so far. M E Winstead claimed that these were photos that had been deleted years ago. If true that speaks volumes about your rights as an end-user.

  • Zero sympathy here how many times will this happen before ppl stop taking these kinds of pics and then complain that they’ve been hack. It’s like a bad Fn movie where ppl keep going into the basement alone when 10 ppl have already been killed in the house.

  • that 4chan link is no longer working. bummerrrrr – i wanna peek! anyone know where else to find the leaked nudes? it’s for, uh, work research, i swear…

  • Theres a difference. If you get drunk and do something stupid… like say, jump from the roof of your house, or drink sour milk, or what have you, then it’s definitely your fault. If you get drunk, and someone decides to rape you, the rapist is the one who’s doing something wrong.

    And yeah, putting storing things on icloud could potentially lead to those things being hacked. But getting out of your house could pontentially lead to being robbed, or murdered, or hit by a car… i don’t see how having naked pictures on icloud makes them responsible for the hacking.

    • They aren’t responsible for the hacking, they are responsible for the information they chose to put online.

      Everyone knows anything online is vunerable to being hacked – hell even the FBI & CIA have been hacked. So, if knowing this, you put your information out there anyway, you assume responsibility for that choice.

      There have been far too many leaked photo & cell phone hacks in the past for any celeb to be unaware that they too could have online personal information hacked & sold.

  • Just read something interesting where would all this outrage and FBI investigation be if the head line was Miley Cirus account hacked and nude pics leaked?

    ,, Oh ya right “hacked and leaked” BS she’s doing it for the shock value. That and worse would be said but why not now?