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Emmy Awards 2014 Fashion Post

Lena Dunham+Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham with boyfriend Jack Antonoff.

The Emmys are here! So naturally, that means it’s time to critique everyone’s outfits. Let’s get right to it! Go through the looks and make your pick for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the night! Mine are at the bottom, as always.



I think Allison Janney looks fan-freakin-tastic! I love the color (though it looked way more pink on TV) and the bow. I think she is aging beautifully.


Amanda Peet looks kind of blah. But then again, I’ve never been a fan of her style.



I very much like the idea of Debra Messing‘s gown, I’m just not sure that I like it on her. It’s a little heavy.



Hayden Panettiere NAILS it! This reminds me of ~~Beyoncé~~.



Allison Williams. I love her style/stylist. I think she always looks on point. This is no exception ALTHOUGH I wish her hair wasn’t so severe.



Christina Hendricks. Love the color and the mermaid-cut gown on her, but I’m not in love with the ruching or the appliqué.



Heidi Klum. This is a little boring, no?



Y’all know that I LOVE January Jones and so this pains me because I want to love it, but I’m just sort of “meh” about it. I love the shoes, I love the shape of the gown and the color, but I just don’t love the way it all falls together. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I don’t think it’s stunning, either.



Here’s our other Mad Men lady — Jessica Paré. Again, this is just okay. I’m not stunned but I ain’t mad, either. (NO PUN INTENDED.)



Jon Hamm, with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. I hate his beard. Why the beard? I’m hoping it’s for a project.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus. What’s with all the coral colors this year? Anyway, congrats to her, and this is just meh.



Julia Roberts. So I love that she went short — those gams! — but I hate the tiers and the raised print.



Kaley Cuoco also went with a coral-esque gown. I kind of hate this. And I hate her hair. I’m not pulling any punches tonight, I’m drunk.



Kate Mara. Love this dress, don’t love the hair or makeup. Which is a DAMN SHAME and I’m sure she cares, deeply, about my opinions, as does everyone.



Katherine Heigl. This is pretty bad. It’s like a shiny sack of crap.

~~getting drunker~~


Kelly Osbourne. Not a bad dress, but I still dislike the hair. I offer no apologies.


What the hell is Kerry Washington wearing? It’s like sparkly bike shorts under a studded fruit roll-up.


Ms. Kiernan Shipka looking sassy as hell.


I didn’t even recognize Laura Prepon. I think this gown is very unflattering on her. As is the hair. It’s all a bit bizarre.


I usually think Laverne Cox kills it on the red carpet, but I am not impressed by this little number. It’s a bit stuffy.


Lena Dunham, oh dear. This is pretty bad. I love the colors but I hate how heavy this whole look is, makeup included. It’s a bit of a disaster.


Lizzy Caplan certainly looks lovely. Love the contrast of the white train with the black gown.


Mayim Bialik. I think this is pretty bad. It looks like a Civil War era gown. It’s so old fashioned, and does no favors for her.


Melissa McCarthy. I think this is an improvement for her, based on some previous red carpet looks we’ve seen her in.


Minnie Driver‘s dress is very ill-fitted. What’s going on in the bust area?


Natalie Dormer‘s never been one to shy away from bold looks. I don’t like the orange and black together, but I do like the way this gown hugs her body; it’s a good silhouette.


Fuck it, I think Natasha Lyonne looks adorable.


Peter Dinklage is looking sharp.


Here’s Rose Leslie. I love how this dark blue pops against her pale skin.


Sarah Hyland. I dislike this. I’m so over crop tops, especially “the formal crop top” in which it’s paired with a big long skirt. I just think it looks silly.


Damn, Sarah Silverman, damn! I think she looks utterly fabulous.


Taryn Manning seems to be channeling early ’90s Madonna (during her whole Dick Tracy phase). It’s not really working for me.


This is a little boring on Taylor Schilling, I’m  afraid.


And finally, Ms. Zooey Deschanel. Love the color!

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Sarah Silverman 

WORST: Mayim Bialik

WTF: Lena Dunham

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  • WTF Lena for sure! OOF…I love the ‘idea’ of that tulle skirt but she needed a better fitting shirt. Poor girl. I get the feeling she says no to everything her stylist says (if she has one)

    Disagree about Sarah Hyland – she’s young, and I think she can get away with the crop top/big skirt.

    Lizzy Caplan can do no wrong in my book –

    And Sarah Silverman has been hiding her amazing body under polo shirts for so long that people forget (or just didn’t realize) that she is smokin hot! Perhaps a bit too much cleavage though – she seemed uncomfortable with it

    And can someone please get Cristina Hendricks a stylist – for the love of God.

    Melissa McCarthy also – c’mon now – that gown did her no favors.

    And Mayim – I think it’s a religious thing – honestly – she is extremely religious. which doesn’t forgive that – just explains why she’s so old fashioned.

  • My heart goes out to Kelly Osbourne’s feet. That foot looks pretty jammed into that shoe. hope she didn’t lose a toe or anything.

    Lizzy Caplan – wow. fantastic.

  • BTW I think Amanda Peet’s dress is great – nice preggo dress. Sarah Silverman looks fabulous. And you didn’t show her but I LOVED Lena Heady’s dress.

  • best: Jennifer Westfeldt

    worst: Laura Prepon

    wtf: Christina Hendricks

    I also think that Mayim Bialik’s gown would have looked AMAZING on Melissa McCarthy. The color, style and fit would have worked so well on her :)

  • Okay, serious question…does Lena Dunham try to look absolutely fucking awful at all times or is she just absolutely oblivious? I say this because she’s not entirely unattractive, but she wears clothes that seem intentionally to be completely unflattering and make her look tacky, disheveled, and seemingly unaware of these people called ‘tailors’.

  • The thing is, I really like Lena, so it’s painful to see her get it so incredibly wrong every single time.

    This honestly got me wondering if this is just her ‘thing’ like her trademark is that she’s a terrible dresser. Maybe she does it to be ironic? I don’t know…but I think I could almost handle it if her clothes were completely intentional. However, I have the feeling they aren’t.