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Justin Bieber sued by a paparazzo over bodyguard attack

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Ugh, another day, another instance of Justin Bieber being an entitled dickhead. Let’s keep this short and sweet: Justin apparently ordered his bodyguard to “personally destroy” the camera of paparazzo Aja Oxman and Aja says that’s not right and wants money for his troubles.

From TMZ:

Aja Oxman claims Bieber was behind a brutal attack against him in which he was lifted in a choke hold and slammed onto a the hood of a car.  According to the lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Justin “enjoyed the beating.”

Bieber was in Kauai last November at Shipwreck Beach and decided to cliff jump.  Oxman says he took a photo on a public beach and Bieber sicked his bodyguard on him … ordering, “Go get his memory card and do whatever you have to do to get that card.”

Oxman says that’s when the bodyguard opened a can of whoopass, took his camera and memory card. The bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, was booked for 3rd degree assault and 4th degree criminal property damage.

The suit — filed by attorney Sark Ohanian — claims Bieber and his hired muscle destroyed the camera together.

Okay, look: celebrities must get tired of being followed by photographers all the time. HOWEVER, you’re famous. That’s what you signed up for, asshole. Also, it’s not like this dude was up on the cliff hiding in the bushes, he took a photo from a PUBLIC beach, just like you or I could do (and many passers by often DO do). Even if this Oxman was being intrusive, guess what? You don’t have an excuse to order your strongmen – you know, people who have actual strength, not your thirsty ass attempt at muscles – to cause bodily harm to someone else. If he thinks that’s okay, then it should be okay for me to walk up and punch him in the neck for being so annoying. Oh, right, I forgot Orlando Bloom already tried that. Shame he missed.

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  • Last November? Ata Boy Beiber this dumbass deserved the beating. He took a picture of Beiber jumping from a cliff (beating not deserved for that) BUT then he stood around until Beiber got his guy to go get the memory card? A Feckin 4 yr old would knows enough to swap out the cards before the muscle get there.

  • Nah I don’t agree. You sign up to be famous, being followed 24/7 to the point you need to pass laws to protect your family like Halle Berry or you die because they follow you like Princess Diana shouldn’t come with being a celebrity. As much as I despise Bieber, being famous doesn’t mean you can have your intimacy destroyed and trampled by sacks of shit paparazzi. The world doesn’t need to know every time Taylor Swift goes to the gym. And yes I am aware it is rather ironic I am writing this on a gossip blog.