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Miley Cyrus adopted a piglet called Bubba Sue

miley cyrus bubba sue piglet

Can someone please stop Miley Cyrus from adopting/buying/whatever-she’s-doing-to-get-them new animals? Seriously, this is getting a little ridiculous. She’s now moved on from getting dog after dog and is the proud owner of a new piglet named Bubba Sue. Yeah, this is going to end well. Poor animal.

Miley began posting selfies with Bubba Sue over the weekend, and I have to admit, the pig is ADORABLE. Of course, she won’t keep it for too long – it’ll either end up dead like several of her dogs mysteriously have done or she’ll abandon it and give it away when it gets bigger and is no longer cute enough to post on Instagram. It’s messed up and completely ridiculous. As if a 20-year-old on a world tour who is obsessed with partying and shit is going to properly take care of an animal that has no business being kept as a pet on buses and planes? Money really can buy you anything, it seems. I just hope Bubba Sue makes it out alive.

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  • Yeah, this is bound to end well. I have a friend with a small, domesticated house pig. He was this size for a while and now fully grown he’s about 30-40 lbs. He is fun to have but requires a lot of specific knowledge and care. The owner works with me at a barn, so he spends a lot of time out of her house in a pig friendly environment. Hate to see what will happen to this adorable guy when she grows bored of him or decides hes too much work…