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17-year-old girl raped in front of huge crowd at Keith Urban concert

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Well, this is certainly disgusting. A Keith Urban concert in Mansfield, Massachusetts last weekend took a rather dark turn (darker than a Keith Urban concert normally is, of course) last weekend when a 17-year-old girl was raped in front of an entire crowd of drunken country fans who not only didn’t step in to help, but also decided it’d be a great thing to record on their phones. Oh yeah, and this is the same concert where 20 people were hospitalized after getting too drunk.

From CNN:

The attack happened in front of a large crowd of other concertgoers on the lawn of the Xfinity Center, an outdoor amphitheater in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on Saturday night, a police statement said.

The rape ended when a woman in the crowd pushed the alleged attacker off the victim and he fled, police said.

Sean Murphy, 18, was arrested “a short time later” and charged with rape, police said.

“Officers conducting the investigation were assisted by patrons that had been concerned and took photos and video of the assault on their cellular phones,” the Mansfield Police statement said. “Those phones are being processed to recover the digital evidence of the assault.”

Murphy entered a not guilty plea in court and was released on $10,000 bond.

The country star and “American Idol” judge posted a video on YouTube after the show Saturday night commenting on what he saw on the lawn from the stage.

“Up on the lawn tonight, that was nutso. It was so cool,” he said.

Yeah, I’d say “nutso” about covers it, Keith. This is disgusting from all angles, and I hope the asshole who was charged spends some time behind bars for it. There’s not even an “I was drunk!” defense to this. I’ve been drunk plenty of times in my life, and I’ve never ever wanted to commit an act like that. What the hell is the world coming to?

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  • To think that ppl’s first reaction was to pull cell phone cameras before pulling this fucker off this young girl and beating his ass into the ground further proves society has absolutely jumped the shark. Not to mention that this asshole had no qualms about trying this shit in front of a bunch of people further proves my point. Boy do I hope this fucker gets what’s coming to him in jail.

  • TK….first of all…i love that you said, “jumped the shark”! second…you are TOTALLY right. Even if it WAS consensual, that people would film it and not tell them to knock it off and take it elsewhere is absolutely disgusting…society has sunk to an all time low.

  • To be fair, I expect Keith didn’t know about the assault and was just commenting that the crowd was fun from the stage. I’m sure that the cops have a ton of evidence now thanks to the jackasses that recorded it.

    • Deserved it?!?!!! Sickens me to think that you think or even justify that she deserved it. I don’t care if she stripped naked in front of everyone, nobody deserves that animalistic assault! Such ignorance in today’s society is unacceptable. Maybe you would feel differently if it was your mother, sister, daughter or even yourself. Guys get raped too.

  • not helping her while filming is beyond wrong but thankfully somebody will make a lot easier to convict.oh and nobody deserves to be raped.Comcast center has being having problems since the 80’s when i started going.My wife was almost asaulted.hiring high school kids for security is a joke. i for one will never go there again unless Zeppelin is playing.

  • Just So You Know, Guys Are Wired Differently Than Women,
    Guys Have The Drive To Spread Our Seed As Much As Possible Its In Our DNA (STILL) From When We Were Cave Men, When Men Would Club Women Over The Head And Drag Them Back To Their Caves, That Exact Same Drive Is Still In Use, Nature Put That There To Further Propagate Our Species, And Being Drunk Sometimes Puts The Part Of Our Brain Asleep That Reminds Us We’re Living In A Modern Society Where That Stuff Is Frowned Upon.

    Same Thing With Cheating Its In Our DNA To Be With As Many Women As Possible, Because There’s More Chance That Our Bloodline Will Be Continued, The More Women We Sleep With, The More Chance To Have A Child, Obviously We Dont Want To Get Them Pregnant, Our DNA Drives Us To Risk It
    And Women Blame The Men For Cheating, When They Should Be Blaming Our DNA, (But Then They Wouldnt Have Anyone To Bitch At, So That Would Never Happen) Because Its Physically Painful For Us Not To Cheat

    (If You Like This Post, Copy And Paste This To Every Woman Forum You Can Find :)

  • This is truly appalling. How pathetically engrossed the spectators were with the crime they were witnessing. That alone is a crime in itself. Not one real man among the poor excuse of human beings to stop this violent act. It took a real woman to take action and stop the rape. I am truly disgusted to know that there is a man that would commit such a despicable act and further disgusted that there were men there who failed to assist the helpless victim. Caveman mentality should be extinct by now and so should the men who exhibit such life examples. I am at a loss for any more words!!!

  • I have always been a firm believer that, far too often, the American judicial system goes too easy on criminals. I believe that the punishment should fit the crime. Therefore, Sean Murphy should have his penis cut off…slowly…and without the use of anesthesia. THIS IS what should be done to all rapists!!!

  • There was a brutal rape of a young woman many years ago. Twenty or so. It was committed by , I believe , 3 or 4 young adult black males, ( no racial intent inferred on my part ), just factual. The judge at the time gave the offenders a choice; either life in prison with no parole, or castration and no jail time. This was back when their was no chemical castration only the original; removal of the scrotum. One offender elected to the removal of that which would have him to never be able to commit that despicable act again. The others are still in prison where I have hoped they get raped again and again until they die there. Punishment for rapists is too soft in our country. This judges’ solution was like that of King Solomon; quite wise!!!