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What the hell is Lady Gaga wearing?

lady gaga

Lady Gaga likes dressing up as every nationality of the world, and her most recent foray into international waters was the outfit seen above, which she wore in New York City where she was out promoting Cheek to Cheek. I don’t even really know where to begin with this one. I suppose the nose ring is a creative touch compared to just a bindi, which is the more popular cultural appropriation accessory.

In addition to being ridiculous, this outfit just looks ugly (on her). Not feeling it.

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  • Ah. Another celeb trying an Indian look. (Kendall at Coachella)
    Head piece, nose ring and necklace are a look I can only describe as “Indian rural”. Umm… If you’re trying to rock a look from another culture, at least do it properly. Saris are meant to be draped over your entire body, not just your tits. *eye roll*