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Scott Disick, noted alcoholic, hospitalized for alcohol poisoning

scott disick

I mean, I don’t even have words for this dickhead. Scott Disick, a well-known alcoholic whose love of the bottle has nearly cost him his relationship, his kids and even his life on several occasions, has been hospitalized AGAIN for alcohol poisoning after going wild at a Hamptons night club. He’s apparently doing “fine” now, but here’s what happened…

From People:

According to the site, on June 22, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 31, spent the night drinking heavily at 1Oak nightclub in the Hamptons before entering Southampton Hospital, where he was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning.

All of this happened a day after longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, who’s pregnant with the couple’s third child, hosted niece North West’s first birthday party back in Calabasas, California.

A source confirms the story to PEOPLE, adding that the reality star – dad to kids Mason, 4½, and Penelope, 2 – is now “doing great.”

Oh, fuck off. This idiot – like the rest of his “family” – has more money than he does sense. He knows he’s been in and out of treatment for alcoholism, knows he’s got a serious problem and how much it’s nearly cost him, and yet going out and drinking himself to the point of alcohol poisoning is a good idea? You’re not 21 anymore, bro. Your girlfriend is at home carrying your THIRD child and this is what you do? Sorry, I can’t hang with that bullshit.

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  • I don’t know why I even read this site cause so much of it is just judgemental BS. Being an alcoholic is something you struggle with every moment of your life. When you’re feeling good and life is going smooth it’s easier to fight those demons but add some life challenges and that is the first thing that pulls you towards it. It can make you feel better (at least for the moment). I am not a Scott or kardashian fan by any means but I do know this dude is an only child and lost is mom and dad within months of each other. Now if there is anything in life that will catapult you towards drinking again, the loss of a loved one is probably number one on that list. I cannot fathom how much pain this guy is in and he’s obviously struggling.

    • I understand addiction of any sort is a struggle, but considering how close he’s coming to losing it all, you would think, struggling or not, that the way he would deal with it – to avoid a bad situation getting worse – would be to, you know, not go out clubbing. Losing parents is an awful thing, and painful, but so is losing everyone else you actually have left in your life because you drank it away. He’s come close to that happening before. If I were Kourtney, having been on the other end of his alcoholism and the behaviour he exhibits because of it, sitting at home pregnant with his THIRD child, having given him chance after chance… I would probably be even more “judgmental”.

  • Kourtney is no victim in this, she made the choice to be with an alcoholic. She also made the choice to continue to have babies with this man, a conscience decision that has it’s pitfalls. She seems like one of those women who doesn’t really care that deeply about their relationship as long as she keeps getting what she wants out of their arrangement, which seems to be more babies.
    He on the other hand, is battling a disease and is probably torn between self destruction and being a stand up human being. I would bet he is grieving and at the same time terrified that he will lose everything from the manor in which he grieves. It is always easier to say “get your shit together” when you aren’t the one with the addiction.