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So, Demi Lovato really doesn’t care, I guess?

really don't care

Demi Lovato‘s gay anthem, ‘Really Don’t Care’, is an average song with a great message, so I kinda have to support it. Well, it’s also got a remix now with a new video showing Demi performing at what I assume is New York Pride last month, rocking her shaved hair and showing the world just how comfortable with herself she is. There’s also a cameo from Cher Lloyd, which… whatever.

I love this phase Demi’s in right now of ~finding herself~ and being super ~alternative~. I think she’ll probably end up doing a stint of lesbianism before dyeing her hair a normal colour again and calming down a bit. For now, do your thing, girl.

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  • I don’t really like her or her music she seems very “I think I am better than you so listen to me cos all I’ve been through” but I guess I’ll give her this she is smart enough to court large groups with her music be they gays or troubled kids they eat this kind of shit up