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Rose McGowan goes on Instagram rant after someone compares her to Michael Jackson

rose mcgowan

Rose McGowan is someone I imagine is actually batshit crazy (hello, she was with Marilyn Manson for a long ass time) but generally manages to contain it and come off as pretty bad ass – or at least rather harmless – in the meantime. Cue this week, when she posted a selfie that made some Instagram users compare her to Michael Jackson. This didn’t sit well with our Rosie, and she proceeded to lose her damn mind.

From Yahoo! Celebrity:

It all started when the Charmed actress posted a picture of herself wearing sunglasses, with the simple caption, “Afghanistan.” One commenter then wrote, “You look like Michael Jackson,” while another by the name @Katrinabunny commented: “#michaeljackson no more plastic surgery please!”

McGowan immediately replied to the user, writing, “@katrinabunny coming from, ummm, you.” The actress, who got reconstructive surgery after being in a car accident in 2007, went on to write: “Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f–k off losers.”

While some commenters came to McGowan’s defense, the actress was still clearly upset. Wanting to make a point, she posted a side-by-side picture of Michael Jackson before and after his surgeries, with the caption: “Exactly. You dumb f–ks. Eat it.”

HAHAHA, I love it. This is seriously the best. “I was born Irish, so fuck off, losers!” is kinda the best retort ever, even if it is somewhat nonsensical. Also, how the hell does she know that Michael Jackson was trying to be Irish? The whole thing is just funny. Oh, Rose.

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  • I love it! She’s showing her Irish roots with those politically incorrect comments laced with curse words. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is another native of Ireland who expresses himself like that. Much more entertaining than publicist created comments and careful answers. I like to see some passion and the real person. (Yes, I am amused by Charlie Sheen too.) But, I’m French…, that figures. We’re passionate people.

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