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Willow Smith is done eating government french fries

willow smith

Willow Smith is one of the craziest members of a pretty insane family, and her new interview with Teen Vogue is no different. The 13-year-old opened up on a variety of topics, like Cartier (“My whole family, we love Cartier!”), self-expression and her refusal to eat governmental french fries. Oh, dear.

Here are some hilarious bits and bobs, completely without context (because even context wouldn’t help here).

On her fashion sense:

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? “My style is who I am all the time,” she says, “and who I am always changes.” For proof, look no further than her hair, which in the past few years has been green, pink, and now blonde. “My hair is super-, super-, super-, superhard to destroy,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a survivor.” As for the new shade, she proudly reports: “Blondes do have more fun!”

On why she’s not putting out an album:

“I have enough songs to make an album,” Willow says, “but most of the songs I don’t like.” She assures that new stuff is coming soon—just don’t ask Willow to characterize her sound. “It’s going to be something outlandish, something that nobody can imagine, something that comes from me and only me. Something we need right now.”

On her divine wisdom about the world:

Willow recently started tweeting to her 3.5 million-plus followers on topics as far-ranging as world peace (“We all need to learn how to harmoniously live on this planet without frying it like those systematic French fries the government feeds us”) and her trouble with homework (“Teacher: Why don’t you have your homework? Me: Too busy learning about life.”). “I just felt like people needed to hear what I had to say, man,” Willow reveals. “I feel like I can really give people a different view on things.”

It’s hard to berate Willow for her extreme ignorance and arrogance. After all, she’s only 13 and she’s privileged as hell, so of course she’s going to be completely disconnected from the real world and yet think she understands it better than anyone else actually living in it. What does a 13-year-old rich girl who grew up with famous parents and endless amounts of money understand about “government french fries” when two paragraphs earlier, she was giddily exclaiming her family’s love for Cartier? There’s a massive disconnect there that of course she won’t be able to see because she’s a child, but it’s a bit frightening when you think of the type of adult she might become if no one gives her a dose of reality anytime soon.

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