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Joan Rivers storms out of CNN interview after being called out for being a bitch

joan rivers

Joan Rivers is absolutely dreadful and a total asshole (sorry, no, she’s not funny) and makes a living off of offending people these days. It’s not cool, and clearly some people aren’t happy with the shit that comes out of her mouth – like, for instance, the fact that she used a transphobic slur when describing Michelle Obama this past week. So, during an interview on CNN, anchor Fredericka Whitfield called her out on it and told Joan that she and her Fashion Police co-stars are “very mean”.

That’s tame criticism, right? Not in Joan’s eyes! She got so pissed off, she retaliated and then walked out of the interview.

Joan does have a good point that like, a lot of the people she talks about are rich as hell and probably don’t care what Joan Rivers (who has had more plastic surgery procedures than there are surgeons to do them) has to say. And yes, we all talk shit about celebrities to our friends or family. However, I take issue with some of the more outlandishly hurtful shit she says. Some of it is outright disgusting and she tries to pass if off as humour, so I’m not with it. I do agree that anything can be funny, but it has to come from a good place, and she just seems more hateful than anything else.

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  • You’re completely 100 percent incorrect. Have you watched fashion police? Even the pinnacle of political correctness, Kelly Osbourne, doubles over in laughter over Joan’s remarks. Stop it with the hurt feelings. Go off to some desert island, meditate, and figure out how you’re going to purge the concept of “it’s offensive” from your mind. And, yes, Moochelle is a tranny. That much is clear. Yessss yesss, just like Bruce Jenner.

    And the CNN chick starts all that smarmy talkie backie bullshit. I’d wanna choke hell out of her if I hadda be on her show. Joan was spot on. She called her out, and the gal did NOT like it at all and played all dumb about it.. Like, “what did IIIIII do???” Horse manure.

    Fix yourself, o.k.?

    • Oh please, Michelle Obama is a strong black woman and people like Joan is not use to that. Joan is use to the weak little white girl behavior. As for the reporter, she has every right to say what she said to Joan. The truth of the matter is Joan can dish it out but she can not take it. Some folks will be offended what she said about the Obamas. Will Joan back down? I think not. Then shut up Joan about what that reporter asked you.

  • I think Joan is funny, and I think she can be an ass, too, sometimes. So what? She’s human; she’s a comedienne…
    the interviewer here annoyed me; she did seem “smarmy” and the interview was a barrage of critiques.

  • You spew “outlandish hurtful shit” here every day Joan is a crazy old woman and an comedy icon this CNN chick is a nobody who wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for Obama so of course she is going to go after Joan

    • Well, that “chic” is on CNN and a lot of people agree with her so she is “somebody”. She may not be “somebody” to You but she is “somebody” to others long before Joan came on the show. That is why she was given the spot to interview Joan. If the woman was a “nobody”, then that means Joan is nothing. Only “somebody” interview a “somebody”.

  • I understand both sides here. I can’t stand Joan; I don’t find her funny at all, and I think she is a hypocrite. But the interviewer is also clearly trying to press her buttons so I get her walking out on the interview.

    Either way, it worked out well for Joan, her book will probably get more publicity from this than any dozen TV interviews.

    • I agree. I can not stand someone who can dish it out but they can not take it. It is just like a bully. Bullies can pick on you but they do not want others to pick on them. You get what you dish out.

  • Yeah, idk who that Michelle Obama-look-alike Fredricka is, but she was a TOTAL jerk and TOTALLY out of line. Honestly, you don’t have to agree with people, but as a reporter she didn’t show ANY decency or respect to her interviewee. Dumb woman should get a pay cut, at least should get a smack down, acting like she’s all cute and innocent when really being patronizing and disrespectful. Like she had to take the interview, give me a break!! It’s complete bullcrap, and I agree with Joan; her life must not be that hard yet, or she’s just living in total denial to act like such a stuck-up bitch on public tv.

    • NO that reporter was just right for Joan. If you treat people nasty with Nasty jokes, be prepared to be asked about it and taken to task about it.

  • It’s about time someone shut Joan up. Especially when the shutdown is done by using Joan’s own schtick. Wassamatta, Joanie? You dis everyone else, in the name of comedy, and consider that OK, but God forbid anyone doesn’t immediately bow down and worship your shriveled up old cranky ass.