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Paul Rudd won’t get too jacked for Ant-Man role

paul rudd ant-man

Paul Rudd is a total stud (I’m a poet!) and doesn’t need to get shirtless and be all broody for women to like him. He’s funny! That’s where his sexiness comes from! That being said, don’t expect him to get “too jacked” for his role as Ant-Man in the upcoming film, because it won’t be happening.

From Flickering Myth:

Rudd recently appeared on The Colbert Report, where he discussed his training for the role. Apparently, he’s working on getting in shape but won’t be making a Chris Pratt-esque transformation, and humorously explained:

“I’ve had to kind of try and get in better shape. I don’t get too jacked. It doesn’t make sense for someone trying to be an ant.”

So, Rudd wont’ be sporting any Thor-sized biceps or doing any Oliver Queen salmon ladder routines; but he’s got a good point. Someone whose superhero schtick involves shrinking down to miniscule sizes doesn’t need gigantic triceps, and really it’s Rudd’s performance, not physique, that matters.

Here’s part of Paul’s interview, if you’re more of a listener than a reader:

What do you think? I mean of everything? Is making this movie even worthwhile? Is it going to be awful no matter what? Is Paul Rudd a poor casting choice? Should he get ripped? Why are we here?!

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  • No it is not worthwhile. YES it will be awful. Rudd is a Dud not a stud. He does needs to be ripped (from the cast). We are here cos we are all petty bitter people