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Chris Brown won’t accept a plea deal in his latest assault case

chris brown

Chris Brown was only recently released from prison, but he still has to face up to his Washington DC assault case. Prosecutors were willing to work with him, for some odd reason, and offer him a plea deal, but Chris is too arrogant to ever admit any wrongdoing, and he knows he’s never had to pay for anything he’s done before, so he’s going to try his luck by going to trial.

From TMZ:

TMZ caught up with Brown as he darted into his lawyer’s office for a wardrobe change before his D.C. court appearance.

Chris was close to copping a plea but the deal fell apart because the prosecutor and Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, couldn’t agree on a statement of fact about the events leading to the alleged assault.

Chris has said all along … he didn’t attack the alleged victim last year outside a hotel.

If Chris had pled guilty to assault, he would not have to serve any additional time in jail.  Now it looks like he’s going to trial so jail is on the line again.

A trial date has been set for September.  Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has already been convicted of the assault.

Even though he’s promised to clean up his act, I think he could use a bit more time behind bars, so hopefully this trial doesn’t go quite the way he’s sure it will (and for good reason – he’s never really been punished seriously before anyway).

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