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Katy Perry offers to write Hillary Clinton’s campaign song

katy perry hilary clinton

Katy Perry got to meet up with Hilary Clinton recently, where she did a little fangirling and apparently offered to write Hilary’s theme song during the 2016 presidential race (which Hillary may or may not be participating in). She’s currently promoting her new book, Hard Choices, and is doing an accompanying media tour, which is where this meet-up seemed to take place.

In any case, Katy posted the above photo online and Hillary replied. #Girlpower?

Uh, don’t I wish Hillary Clinton would use ‘Roar’ as her campaign song! That would be sort of amazing.

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  • UUUuhhhhhhgggghh! Nothing worse than a camp follower and useful idiot, as Vladimir Lenin called ’em, sucking up to the murderous, globalist, .000001 percenter leftist Shrilary. You have no clue what evil your are unleashing. Or, worse yet, perhaps you do. Go enjoy your lives in hell, folks.

  • UUUUgggggghhhH! Nothing worse than a camp follower, useful idiot (as Vladmir Lenin called ’em) sucking up to a murderous, globalist, .000001 percenter, leftist such as that horrid harridan, Shrilary. You have no idea what evil you will unleash. Worse yet, perhaps you do. Enjoy your lives in hell, folks!

  • Katy’s father was right about her. She sold her soul to the Devil. Anyone on Hilary’s side is downright satanic. 2 peas in a pod, those two.

    • hey hey! I’d just say Shrilary is a somewhat cold blooded psychopath (kinda a tautology) but anyhow she threw that rape victim under the bus, probably killed Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Chris Stevens and several others, but the liberal feminist Brown University dropouts that either run this site or read it will be DEEE-lighted to vote for her. You can be sure of that…

  • Barf! VOM. Hollywood/media and the government are so in cahoots. Kahoots? Ya know what I mean. Fucked up agendas, always.