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Kaley Cuoco hates the sound of her own voice

kaley cuoco

I know, I know – Kaley Cuoco has made this one almost TOO easy, because she’s come out in a round-table interview (with Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Schilling, Mindy Kaling, Edie Falco and Emmy Rossum) in what seems to be an attempt to be self-deprecating and has revealed that she hates the sound of her own voice, and that’s why she finds it hard to watch herself on The Big Bang Theory.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Cuoco-Sweeting I hate the sound of my voice. I can hear it from a mile away — it’s nasally. Why do I talk like that? It freaks me out!

Deschanel No one likes their own voice.

Cuoco-Sweeting OK, because I feel like I have the most annoying one. It’s hard for me to watch Big Bang. I TiVo it at home to support the show, but there are 37 episodes on there [I haven’t seen].

I mean, Zooey has a point. Have you ever met anyone who’s super into the sound of their own voice? I mean, literally, not figuratively – we all know enough assholes who seem to love their own voice so much that they won’t shut up. I dunno, man – I really want to like Kaley so much… and yet everything she says is annoying. Why is that?

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  • Because she is Annoying Jennifer. Not a fan of Kaley not really a fan of big bang either has this chick ever heard of over saturating the market? Ever since she started dating her husband everything she says does or takes a pic of ends up here. I think that’s just one more reason I find her annoying maybe you should give us a break Jen

  • She just wants to keep her fame. I agree she is taking the Zoey Deschanel route and trying to get women to like her by saying how awful she is.