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Sandra Bullock’s burglar is also her stalker and he owns a machine gun

sandra bullock

Poor Sandra Bullock! After having her house broken into in the early hours of Sunday morning while was actually there (and luckily having this guy caught and arrested without being hurt), more information has been revealed about the suspect, and turns out, he’s a real nutter.

From TMZ:

The man charged with breaking into Sandra Bullock’s home Sunday was in possession of a machine gun … according to law enforcement … and we’re told he wasn’t after Sandra’s property … he wanted her.

Joshua Corbett was just charged with felony burglary as well as possession of a machine gun and stalking.

Bullock was in the house when Corbett allegedly broke in, and she locked herself in a room until police arrived.  Her son was not at home at the time … he was with a nanny.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they are positive Corbett did NOT break into the house to burglarize it … he was there for Sandra.  We’re told he didn’t want to harm her … he wanted a face-to-face.

Prosecutors say Corbett did not have the machine gun at the time of his arrest … cops found it later.

Dear God. What is wrong with people? I feel like every day there are more and more people with SERIOUS mental illnesses doing crazy shit (y’all have heard about those Slender Man killings, I’m sure) and it never ends. What’s going wrong here? And why are these people allowed access to guns?!

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  • I realize it’s completely beside the point but why would her son be away with the nanny at 5am on a Sunday? If mom is home wouldn’t her son just be sleeping at home as well? Not being judgy – honestly just curious why that’s even a thing.

  • you know if you sub out sandra bullock name with chris brown you’d probably get an article wishing he was shot