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So, who do you think actually wrote Justin Bieber’s apology letter?

Justin Bieber greets fans at Power 106 Part 4

Justin Bieber pissed off the wrong person this time, and they decided to leak some pretty awful footage of him telling a racist joke, complete with repetitions of “the N-word”, which he thought was just hilarious at the time. The clip is from roughly 3-4 years ago (he says 5, but that’s just him trying to buy himself a bit more sympathy, I think), and it’s pretty damning. You could say he’s showing his… true colours (that one’s for you, Mister J!) – but hey, that’s not really him. He’s not racist – he has loads of black friends!

Because there’s no way he could really get away with this bullshit without comment, Justin has put out an apology that’s super heartfelt and not at all written by someone on his management team. That’s sarcasm, by the way. There’s no way he wrote this himself or had any hand in it – it’s definitely just a piece of damage control. Sorry, not buying it!

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