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Anna Gunn’s ex-husband wants some of Skyler’s ‘Breaking Bad’ money

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What’s with people having their hand out when someone they were involved with/went to school with/passed one day on the street gets rich? If you didn’t make that money, it ain’t yours – what’s so difficult to understand about that? Apparently everything, as Anna Gunn‘s ex-husband Alastair Duncan thinks he deserves a piece of her Breaking Bad pie… despite the fact that they’ve been divorced since 2008.

From TMZ:

Gunn’s husband — Alastair Duncan — filed for divorce in 2008 and the marriage officially ended the next year.   The former couple has 2 kids but Duncan got child support for a short time after the divorce, but then agreed Anna could stop paying.

Things changed during the final season of the show, when Anna raked in more than $1 million … and the lion’s share — $890,858.83 — was from “Breaking Bad.”    By contrast, he only makes $10K a month as a realtor/actor.

Duncan now says financial circumstances have so significantly changed … it’s only fair for him to get child support again.  He notes Anna has a new show on Fox — “Gracepoint” — and other projects including an off-Broadway show.

By the way … of the million bucks she made last year … she paid $92K to her agent, $51K to her business manager, $58K to her personal manager and $31K to her publicist.

I don’t know anything about Anna Gunn or the arrangement she has to take care of her kids, but I’m assuming SHE ALSO CARES FOR THEM and buys them things, pays for shit they need, etc. This bro makes $10k a month and is still crying poor mouth? No, just no. Sit your ass down (or rather get your ass up) and get your hustle on if you want more money – don’t try to dig in your ex-wife’s pocketbook and use your kids as collateral to do it.

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